Hand Dipped & Molded

Ganaches, Caramels, Solid Chocolates & more!

Enjoy our unique blend of Belgian & French chocolate. Our 70% dark chocolate and 34% milk chocolates are offered in many shapes and flavors; try our artisan chocolates and caramels in festive molds, beautifully hand dipped or as truffles.

Our dark chocolate is dairy and gluten free. We use French butters, unique honeys, luscious creams, fresh Madagascar vanilla bean, house roasted nuts and fresh seasonal ingredients.

Here are just some of our 50 flavors of chocolates—visit the shop to see our newest creation. We add new designs and flavors every 2 weeks!

For custom orders, we can find the perfect shape and flavor to compliment your special occasion.

Lip Talk
Banana Caramel
Caramelia Milk Chocolate
Caramel Penguins
Cassis Caramel
Cherry Caramel
Cinnamon Chai
Cranberry Caramel
Dark Chocolate Ganache
Double Delight
Double Raspberry Delight
Green Tea Ganache
Milk Chocolate Ganache
Elegant Heart
Hand Painted Love
Hazelnut Ganache
Himalayan Caramel
Honey Cardamom
Honey Lavender
I do, I do
Luscious Lips
mazel tov
Orange Caramel
Party Anniversary
Party Celebration
Passion Fruit
P.B. & J.
Peace Forever
Pomegranate Caramel
Solid Butterfly
We Love Babies
Whimisical Handbags
Whimsical Handbags Two